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Arbitration inspection

  A job has high requirements of technology and policy can't be partial to any party. It must be practical and realistic, must judge scientifically, and must talk basing on the data. It can't be affected by any administrated interference, and can't accept any invitation or present that has nothing to do with the arbitration inspection from any party in dispute. As to the inspector taking part in the arbitration insp ection, the center always arranges them with high policy level、 strong technology ability and honesty p ersonality. As to the result of each arbitration inspection, it must pass the research and discussion of Technology Committee of the Center, trying hard to make a scientific and justice conclusion.

  Our center is mainly engaged in the following three arbitration inspections:
  · judicial arbitration  -- inspection of product quality or quality accident entrusted by the judicial institution.
  · insurance arbitration -- evaluation 、reconnaissance 、appraisal and damage assessment of the insurance object entrusted by the insurance institution.
  · safety supervision arbitration -- inspection and evaluation of the safety accident entrusted by the safety supervision institution.
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